Security Systems

G4S in Serbia provides a range of services including design, installation and maintenance of Technical Security Systems.

Through the integration of high quality technology from leading world manufacturers of technical protection systems with our proven experience and knowledge, we implement complete solutions tailored to clients’ high security needs.

Alarm systems, as well as video surveillance systems (CCTV) have a very wide application scope in technical protection, from the smallest business offices and housing apartments, to large business centres, banks, educational institutions, sport sites, sites for special occasions, warehouses etc.

Property protection is the basic purpose of an alarm and/or CCTV system. It is protected by appropriate assessment of the security situation at a site and through analysis of all possible security risks.

High reliability of technical systems is ensured by the selection of quality equipment, proper disposition of cameras and components of alarm systems, and by quality of installation.

  • System Projecting - our Security Consultants shall visit the site, conduct   preliminary risk analysis of the site and design the system representing the optimum security solution.
  • Installation – our Technical Security Systems Department shall install the system at your home or business premises as soon as possible. Adequate training and advice on how to use the system and info regarding all the system features is provided.

The most important step then is connecting your system with our Monitoring centre.