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Why would you entrust your money to us? It's simple.

Nikola Petrović, Cash Solution Director

G4S has been processing cash and valuables in Serbia for more than a decade. We have been providing cash transport service even longer. Complex and demanding services? Surely. But with certainty and great pleasure, I point out that G4S is the only company whose resources enable a complete service of transport, processing and insurance of entrusted valuables, with 100% safety.

Entrusting G4S to processes you cash leads to significant opportunities to optimize process and reduce client’s costs, i.e. bank’s costs: Reduction of work activities in branch offices, better optimization of CIT (Cash-in-Transit) routes through the possibility of collecting/delivering money during the entire working hours of the branch, as well as switching treasury activities to G4S. All of the above unequivocally shows that a bank’s costs will be significantly more transparent, optimized and predictable. If the bank gets a significant client in the retail sector, it doesn’t have to hire additional staff to process received money, but will know the specific cost if G4S processes that money. On the other hand, if the bank loses a retail client, it still won’t have costs related to termination of employment, depreciation of equipment etc.

Probably the most important thing in cash processing and transport is that G4S fully covers all cash handling operations with its own insurance policy. The G4S insurance policy protects the client's money from all risks, so the client is completely safe in terms of potential losses. Even if a loss occurs, G4S is obliged to fully recoup the lost funds. This way of doing business sets G4S apart from the competition and makes us the only company on the market that insures the client's money when delivering our service.

What are our other advantages?

In 2021, G4S will make additional improvement of cash processing and transport operations by providing software support for our clients through the complete digitalization of the cash handling process. All G4S clients will have access to the client portal and there an insight into the shipment movement and the status of processed/counted shipments.

G4S has significantly developed its cash operation through the opening of a Cash Center in Novi Sad and another one by the end of 2021 in Niš. Along with the Cash Center in Belgrade, we will have a network of G4S facilities fully designed and built for cash processing, in accordance with the best G4S practices on a global level, i.e. world standards for this type of facilities. Also, G4S Cash Centers are subject to constant audits and detailed checks by our Security Department on the regional and local levels of the G4S Group. Such checks leave no room for non-compliance with procedures and are improving our service on a daily basis.

It's simple. Complete safety, money insurance, transparency, predictable costs and almost unlimited flexibility are the reasons for banks to "transfer" cash processing activities to the G4S to the extent possible.

We make your world safer.

Transfer the risks to us.

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