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Sports judge in G4S colors: "I'm learning to become a leader"

Adrijan Mažar, Security Officer in the Cash Processing Department

Adrijan Mažar came to Belgrade from Kula to train athletics (middle track discipline) in his favorite club, Partizan. He has also played the role of an American football referee in many Serbian finals.

In 2017 Adrijan started his career in G4S as a Security Officer. He quickly fell in love with this dynamic job and working with people. That’s why he decided to continue further in the Cash Processing Department because, as he says, "this job is even more dynamic requiring a lot of discipline and caution". He also likes the working system in our company. "Work motivates me day by day, bringing new challenges. It's not easy, he emphasizes, but that's why he loves it.

Work motivates me day by day.
adrijan mažar, security officer
In his private life, Adrian finds happiness in small things: running, cycling, various forms of recreation.

As Adrijan was very young when he started his career in our company, he has noticed great progress in his personal and professional development. He believes that his work and effort will be recognized in the coming period as well, as he strives for even higher goals.

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