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Social responsibility

G4S recognises its ethical responsibility towards its employees, customers, investors, local communities and other stakeholders.

G4S Climate action

Protecting the environment

We recognise that our business activities have direct and indirect impacts on the natural environment, and we remain committed to managing and minimising those impacts in a responsible manner.
For example, we have established the G4S Climate Action Programme to measure our carbon footprint and promote operational measures to reduce carbon emissions across the Group.
In partnership with a leading environmental consultancy, we used the programme to measure our 2008 emissions from direct operations (Scope 1), our vehicle fleet and G4S occupied buildings over which we have operational control (Scope 2) and our business airline mileage (Scope 3). This gave us a ' carbon footprint' of 450,000 tonnes of CO2e.
This measurement, achieved using WBCSD and WRI greenhouse gas protocals, is based on approximately 82% of the Group's global operations, covering businesses representing 500,000 employees and more than 22,000 vehicles across 37 countries.
Through operational year on year growth, we expect our direct carbon footprint to grow proportionally, and have therefore established a carbon intensity of 90 tonnes CO2e per £1m of revenue.
A major part (72%) of our carbon footprint is produced by our vehicle fleet, due in part to the significant number of large, heavy cash transportation vehicles we use.
Consequently, we are focusing many of our carbon-reduction programmes in this area. They include:
eco-driving training for our operational vehicle and company car drivers
monitoring driver behaviour across Europe via satellite
exploring alternative fuel sources, such as gas-powered vehicles in Bolivia and Accuread's low-emission vehicles in the UK.
As we work towards our target of reducing our carbon intensity by 13.5% by 2012 (based on 2009 levels), our network of Climate Action Programme environmental coordinators will be identifying and implementing further opportunities for reducing carbon emissions during 2009/10.

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