Company History


Our history begins over 100 years ago.


  • Guarding company Kjøbenhavn Frederiksberg Nattevagt founded in Denmark, and begins to grow internationally.
  • Security companies Securicor and Group 4 emerge, and grow throughout Europe.
1901-1950: Uniformed Security Officers


  • Group 4 Securitas enters the U.S. market by purchasing American Magnetics Corp.
  • American Magnetics Corp. rebrands as AMAG.
  • Group 4 Falck purchases The Wackenhut Corporation, the second-largest security services company in the US.
  • Group 4 Falck merges with Securicor to establish Group 4 Securicor.
2004: Merger Creates G4S


  • Group 4 Securicor rebrands as G4S.
  • G4S acquires Touchcom, Inc (now part of G4S Secure Integration), MJM Investigations, Inc. (becomes G4S Compliance & Investigations), and RONCO Consulting Corporation.
  • G4S acquires Adesta, a U.S.-based security integrator, and Sunshine Youth Services (becomes G4S Youth Services).
2006: G4S Sign


2011: Investigations


2015: Monitoring Center

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