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Our mission is to create a culture that challenges traditional security thinking, embraces technological change and predicts future security demands by leveraging our knowledge and expertise and sharing it with security professionals. We're committed to providing relevant, up-to-date content across a variety of media.





A discussion with Dave Hernandez from The Walt Disney Company about the evolving role of a security technology integrator.
Intelligence Driven Design

Intelligence Driven Design

Lexie Spiro, Senior Director of User Experience at Motorola joins the podcast to discuss how security providers are reimagining their approach to solution design, how they interact with users and develop products.
US Capitol Hill

US Political Violence Risk Assessment

Published January 15, 2021, this report details the situation following the January 6th riots on Capitol Hill and security preparations ahead of inauguration day and recommendations for local businesses and personnel in Washington D.C.
Security for Remote Workers

Cyber and Physical Risk Mitigation for Remote Workers

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic many employees are working from home, exposing organizations to different risks with a lot less security and little time to prepare.
Washington DC Security Outlook

January 2021 Washington DC Security Outlook Report

This report details security risks specific to Washington D.C. following the election and the upcoming results of the Georgia Run-Off Elections, Congress Certification of the Electoral College Votes, and the Inauguration Day. Protests are planned jeopardizing peace in the nation's capital.
Asia Emerging Risks Report from G4S

Asia Emerging Risks Report

This report provides a comprehensive tactical overview of the preeminent risks impacting 19 of Asia’s top destinations to enable organizations to deploy risk-mitigation strategies to protect their mployees and assets, especially during travel.
Election Report

U.S. Election Intelligence Report: October 30

This report details the security environment ahead of election day on November 3rd.
LATAM Covid Report

COVID-19 INTELLIGENCE REPORT Latin america: oct 29th 2020

This report details the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic in Latin America.
Secure or Not Episode 6

The Limitless Creative Applications for Security

In this episode Billy Langenstein, Director of Security Services and Investigations for the National Football League joins the team to talk about how the security team can generate data valuable to other departments and help support the goals of an organization, breaking the stereotype that a security department is a cost-center.


 A webinar with a risk expert, a cyber consultant and a member of the FBI where they discuss the cyber and physical threats associated with remote/home workers. 
Guard Mask

New Pandemic-Spurred Training Programs for Security Personnel

As a result of COVID-19 the roles of security personnel have expanded prompting their training to change as well. Managing this while adhering to social distancing regulations have challenged our industry to innovate.
Secure or Not Podcast Episode 4

Returning to Work during COVID-19

In this episode, the team is joined by Rachelle Loyear, a respected security industry expert and author with experience designing Business Continuity Plans (BCP) and Return to Work strategies.
Webinar COVID-19


Be part of a discussion on how companies are continuing to secure their properties, people, and assets amid COVID-19. Here is your chance to ask the experts in the industry your most pressing questions.
Business Coping Strategies Report

COVID-19 Coping Strategies for Business Continuity

A full length report that presents the latest scientific information about the disease, counter measures and coping strategies.

Security 4.0 The Road to the Future

As an industry, security must be mindful of taking an untried path, to avoid opening up security risks as we make the transition to Security 4.0. If done correctly, our transition will bring similar benefits in efficiency, effectiveness, and overall empowerment for the human side of the human-technology team. 

Why Moving to a Risk-Based Approach Helps Business

Today’s security leaders encounter many challenges. They have to operate with reduced budgets and face challenging and evolving risks on a daily basis.

Onboarding Best Practice Delivers Secure, Compliant Environment

The security landscape has evolved and new threats have emerged for organizations. Security teams need to do more with their systems to keep their employees, assets and building secure. 

Security and Drones: A Force for Good

When people think about drones, it’s generally not in a positive light. But the technology that has long been viewed as a means to invade privacy, or threaten businesses, governments and industrial operations, actually has the potential to play a significant role in integrated security programs.

Cyber/Physical Risks to Businesses with Remote/Home workers in the midst of COVID-19

Watch this webinar on demand where Robert Dodge, President, G4S Corporate Risk Services is joined by a cyber consultant and a member of the FBI as they discuss the cyber and physical threats associated with remote/home workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.


You should have a good general knowledge of your security program and be able to rate the effectiveness of its components. Complete the risk survey, and receive an analysis of the highest rated security risks your organization faces. Your responses are compared against industry standards and generally accepted practices of security risk assessment.

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