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These reports, guides and whitepapers are created by Academy Thought Leaders and guest contributors to provide readers practical information on current security challenges and threats. Access this content by completing a simple form. 
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Secure or Not

Secure or Not is a podcast that questions all things security - why they exist and how they influence our daily behaviour. Hosts interview experts and thought leaders in the physical security industry and try to make sense of security norms that we interact with regularly, some you’re probably aware of, and some you’re not. The team weighs in on trends - both in the security industry and others - and how they’re shaping the future of safety and security.


From looking at security in the new normal to future security solutions, explore our latest insights and thinking from our G4S Thought Leadership community.
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Informative content delivered by Thought Leaders and our partners in hour long, classroom style video presentations. Learn more about content that matters in this section of the G4S Academy.
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Next Event: GSX+

G4S joins Global Security Exchange Plus (GSX+), a virtual trade show experience that showcases global best practices, products, and solutions, and can be accessed safely from home. GSX+ brings together a global audience with more than 100 live and on-demand sessions from Sept. 21-25. G4S experts will share their knowledge and insights during this unique event.



You should have a good general knowledge of your security program and be able to rate the effectiveness of its components. Complete the risk survey, and receive an analysis of the highest rated security risks your organization faces. Your responses are compared against industry standards and generally accepted practices of security risk assessment.

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