A discussion with Dave Hernandez from The Walt Disney Company about the evolving role of a security technology integrator.

EPISODE 9 | April 1, 2021

In this episode Joe Young, Douglas MacKellar and Landon Bailey welcome David Hernandez, Director, Global Security Technology at The Walt Disney Company to discuss the evolving role of a security integrator. Today, the term “integrator” has become diluted and often refers to the role of an installer. Heightened competition has led manufacturers of security technology to add features to products — sometimes outside of the operational use of most customers. This leads to under utilization. Enter the role of an integrator. An integrator should be a consultant and liaison between customer and manufacturer — helping the customer purchase the right product for their business and utilize its full potential.

Dave was the ideal candidate to talk to the Secure or Not team about this topic. Having served two different stints with Disney, split by a term with a large security manufacturer, Dave knows the struggles of trying to integrate and utilize multiple systems first hand as well as the intentions of how the manufacturer designed them. He speaks to the team about his vision for security integrators and how they can help a large enterprise like Disney fully utilize their security technology systems.