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Temperature Solutions

Temperature screening goes beyond just picking the right technology. G4S will create a comprehensive program aligned with regulatory guidelinese, and this is the key to help minimize your organization’s risk. Our security personnel are trained in verbal screening and in the use of temperature measurement devices. We will help develop a fully documented screening process. We offer thermal screening technology to help identify temperatures outside of designated parameters, which may indicate the presence of a fever, a symptom of COVID-19.

Temperature Screening

Mobilizing Security Personnel Quickly

Unforeseen circumstances can put considerable strain on resources for a number of industries. Our highly-trained security personnel can help provide extra security to help mitigate difficult situations.

Using technology to support social distancing

As social distancing becomes prolific, G4S can help. Technology solutions such as remote video monitoring, visitor management software and identity solutions are accessible from home or off-site to help you manage your business.

AMAG Symmetry Control Room

Keeping your vacant property secure

Sites on remote locations can be a target if civil unrest occurs. The G4S Risk Operations Center can remotely respond to alerts received through video, access control or other networked security systems.

Protecting your people and assets during times of uncertainty

If you work in an organization with locations around the world, G4S can help with critical event intelligence services. Our elite analysts on the ground and in our operations centers are equipped with technology to help you respond to critical events in real-time.

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coronavirus intelligence updates

These reports are authored by the Corporate Risk Services team at the Risk Operations Center and are produced weekly. They detail the development of the virus and its impact on travel, supply chains, and changes in government action.



On April 8th, G4S experts Robert Dodge, Steve Sinclair and Jason Simpson hosted a free Q&A webinar where they gave their expert opinions on challenges the security community and business owners are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can rewatch this webinar for free via the link.

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how we are approaching covid-19 as a business

Learn about the global measures G4S is implementing to protect our employees and customers and the steps we are taking to limit the spread of COVID-19.                        READ MORE

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