Application process

The G4S Cares Fund supports G4S Americas employees and families who are facing short-term financial hardship.

Once an application is received it will be reviewed by the Trustee Selection Committee, made up of 15 volunteers who are appointed by the Board of Directors, who evaluate the applications.

The Selection Committee reviews applications based on criteria and guidance established by the G4S Cares Fund Board of Directors and determines a suitable amount of benefits to be paid out to the applicant.

The Selection Committee consists of non-supervisory employees who represent G4S businesses and countries across the Americas.

Applicants will receive a response on their application submission within 15 days.

Apply for Assistance


To support fellow G4S colleagues through the G4S Cares Fund, please fill out the form in the link below. Please complete the form carefully by choosing to make automatic payroll deductions based on your preferences or make a PayPal contribution here. Your contribution will support your G4S colleagues struggling due to hardship from an extraordinary event.

G4S Cares