Exclusive to Americas employees, 100% of donations made to the fund are used to help employees suffering from hardship. Employees must qualify according to several eligibility requirements.

Employees must meet the following eligibility requirements to be considered to receive donations:

  • Must be an active G4S Americas employee, either permanent full-time or permanent part-time status (contract/seasonal/temporary employees are not eligible)
  • Must have been employed by G4S for more than three months
  • Employee must to be in good standing, meaning not in a final warning disciplinary action status and not on an unresolved Performance Improvement Plan
  • Employees must provide proof that they are in unusual need 

Examples of events that would qualify for G4S Cares Fund support:

  • An employee's son is attacked by a dog, he survives but needs years of treatment. While the employee's insurance covers most of the treatment, the employee needs to resign or cut back her hours to care for her child causing financial hardship.
  • An employee's wife passes away from cancer. He sold his home to cover deductibles and copayments, but is without money to pay for his wife's funeral.
  • The Fort McMurray wildfire in Alberta, Canada, destroyed an employee's home. While he will receive some insurance reimbursement, there will be a significant delay in payment due to the extent of the devastation. 
  • Similar scenarios for other natural disasters — hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados etc. where benefits could be delayed and need is immediate.
  • Employee passes away or is otherwise unable to work due to a debilitating illness. This employee is a 10-year veteran of the company and the sole breadwinner for the family.