November 16, 2017

Intelligence has the ability to save lives and prevent disasters with the ultimate purpose of educating the public. This awareness bulletin transmits alerts regarding current and future threats to North America.
Daily Intelligence Report

London Cabbies are Being Trained in Counter-Terrorism

London Cabbies are Being Trained in Counter-Terrorism – United Kingdom

Black cab drivers are already special individuals, with such an extensive knowledge of London’s streets that the process of learning it literally changes the shape of their brains. Now they’re taking things up a notch by training as first responders to emergencies like terrorism, acid attacks and medical crises. The Mytaxi cab-hailing app is teaching 17,500 drivers first aid and CPR, how to respond to terrorist attacks and deescalate threatening situations, and extra people skills like active listening and body language. The scheme, called ‘The Knowledge+’, could end up putting a new wave of first responders on London’s streets. And yes, they’ll go south of the river.

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US Ports Call for Urgent Action Over Severe Shortage of Customs Inspectors

US Ports Call for Urgent Action Over Severe Shortage of Customs Inspectors – United States

A serious shortage of customs inspectors is affecting operations at US ports and threatens to disrupt supply chains. The Association of American Port Authorities (AAPA) has called on the Customs & Border Protection agency (CBP) as well as Congress to secure adequate allocation of resources to the ports. In a letter to acting CBP commissioner Kevin McAleenan, AAPA president and CEO Kurt Nagle wrote: “There is an immediate need to focus on long overdue resources for maritime ports and to resolve the CBP staffing shortages to ensure the security of passenger and freight facilities.” The AAPA pointed out that both cargo volumes and passenger numbers passing through US ports had risen considerably, but CBP staffing levels in these sites remained static. Funding may well be an issue, given allocations in the government’s budget and demands on other areas. The preliminary budget proposal for 2018 released in March by the administration envisages $16.2bn to go to the Department of Transportation’s discretionary budget, which would mark a 13% cut from the current year’s allocation.

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Foreigners Spoofing Unprotected .gov Email Addresses

Foreigners Spoofing Unprotected .gov Email Addresses – United States

Thousands of web domains belonging to hundreds of federal departments and agencies are being spoofed by email hackers, including many from Russia and other adversary nations, according to new figures reported this week. The cyberspies and online fraudsters are trying to trick message recipients into clicking on malicious links or downloading malware designed to steal passwords and other personal information, according to an analysis by cybersecurity outfit Proofpoint, which specializes in providing online security for large organizations. The company looked at nearly 70 million emails sent during October from 5,000 unique .gov parent domains protected by Proofpoint, the company’s VP of Email Fraud strategy Robert Holmes told CyberScoop. More than 3,000 of those domains had been spoofed by hackers sending phishing emails that purported to come from a trusted communicant. The spoofed .gov emails in October originated from IP addresses in 187 different countries, including Russia. But there were waves of strength from some countries — probably indicative of cybercrime or cyber-espionage campaigns. “In August of this year, one agency saw 80 percent of malicious emails spoofing their identity sent from Russian IPs,” the post states. Proofpoint declined to identify the agency, citing customer confidentiality. Russia accounts for more than a quarter of all such malicious email since January 2016, the Proofpoint analysis adds.

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