November 17, 2017

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60 Security Officials Detained on Suspected Ties To Coup Plotters

60 Security Officials Detained on Suspected Ties To Coup Plotters – Turkey

Turkey arrested 60 former security officials in a wide-scale operation on Thursday on suspicion of links to last year’s attempted military coup, the state-run Anadolu news agency said. Authorities issued warrants for the arrest of 108 former security officials in the operation, centered in the capital Ankara and spread over 30 provinces, Anadolu said. The suspects are believed to have ties to U.S-based cleric Fetullah Gulen, whom Ankara blames for orchestrating the failed coup in July 2016. Gulen has denied involvement and denounced the coup. More than 50,000 people, including security officials, military personnel and civil servants, have been detained in the aftermath of the July 2016 coup.

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18 Countries Had Their Elections Hacked Last Year

18 Countries Had Their Elections Hacked Last Year – Worldwide

While America explores quite how much its election was interfered with by outsiders, the news isn't good for the rest of us, according to independent watchdog Freedom House. In its annual Freedom of the Net [PDF] report on the state of the internet and democracy, the group surveyed 65 nation states comprising 87 per cent of internet users and found 18 where either governments or outside bodies had tried to influence an election by restricting or interfering with internet use. "The use of paid commentators and political bots to spread government propaganda was pioneered by China and Russia but has now gone global," said Michael Abramowitz, president of Freedom House. "The effects of these rapidly spreading techniques on democracy and civic activism are potentially devastating." While some of the election interference attempts were performed by outside countries, the majority were carried out either by the local government or opposition. And outside of elections, 30 countries have now been found to be running armies of paid trolls to try and influence general public opinion. China is the biggest player in this field, with a huge army of paid bloggers and social media users who either broadcast state-friendly messages or muddy the waters with fake news or smearing political opponents. But other countries are catching up fast. Russia has its Internet Research Agency, a trolling operation controlled by a businessman who supports Vladimir Putin. In the Philippines, President Duterte's supporters offered $10 a day for members of the "keyboard army," while in Turkey the 6,000-strong "White Trolls" pollute the online world with scores of pro-governments propaganda.

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Arlington Airport Installs New Video Surveillance System for Security

Arlington Airport Installs New Video Surveillance System for Security – Texas, United States

More eyes are on Arlington Municipal Airport after the city this month installed a new state-of-the-art wireless video surveillance system to improve security and safety. Last year, airport officials grew concerned after an uptick in crime in and around airport property, culminating in a rash of costly vandalism last November that damaged a rare plane, runway lights and left other property havoc. Reports of nearby homeless and drug activity have also been on the rise. City Information Services manager Bryan Terry found a solution that is cost-effective and will generate high-resolution images and recorded video footage for airport staff and law enforcement. The quality is clear enough to capture a car license plate, and the night vision is impressive, too, they said. IT staff and airport maintenance crews in-house installed the Ubiquiti Networks AirFiber-based network infrastructure, antennae, hardware, software and the camera system at a cost of $4,300. That’s a fraction of the cost of a hard cable installation that can run up to $100,000, Terry said. The system provides a way to give police evidentiary footage in response to potential criminal activity, and from a safety standpoint, it will allow airport staff to monitor areas around the 1,189-acre property without needing to physically drive to those locations.

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