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G4S understands that hospitals and healthcare facilities are some of the most active and dynamic public facilities. With multiple sites, large campuses and many entrances, visitors, vendors and staff, the job of protecting people and property while maintaining privacy and the continuity of care is a constant challenge. In addition, regulatory requirements are stringent, with consequences for noncompliance.

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Patient Sitter Service

Patient Sitter Service

G4S’ Patient Sitter Service facilitates the safe monitoring of behavioral health and other at-risk patient populations, and helps the hospital avoid the increased risk associated with pulling clinical staff or an existing security team member from their primary responsibilities.
Behavioral Health Transport Services

Behavioral Health Transportation Services

The G4S Behavioral Health Patient Transportation Service assists healthcare facilities by improving the flow of behavioral health patients out of emergency departments and inpatient units into appropriate settings.

Patient Transporter Service

Customer service-oriented, healthcare-trained security personnel provide safe and efficient transporter services between departments.
Healthcare Security Personnel

Security Personnel

Through our experience-based service level programs, including our Custom Protection Officers and Upscale Security Officers, G4S provides high-caliber personnel with skills and characteristics appropriate to the enhanced protection needs and security budgets of each healthcare customer. All officers working ina healthcare environment must successfully pass our healthcare training program, which is unmatched in the industry.
Canine Services

Canine Services

With enhanced senses and tracking abilities, canines can make effective additions to hospital security programs. Employing dog and handler teams for key protection and detection tasks like searches and screenings can also generate cost savings.

Healthcare Access Control

Access Control

Access control systems determine who can go where and when. Notifications alert stakeholders of who is in the building and their location. Instant lock-down capabilities let you change the level of security in the event of an emergency, putting control in the user’s hands.
Risk Consulting

Risk Consulting

G4S risk consultants provide advice backed by data relating to workplace violence mitigation, intelligence reporting, strike coverage and more. G4S offers executive protection services and provides risk assessments specific to the healthcare environment.
Remote Monitoring

Remote Facility and Patient Monitoring

A simple system allows a security officer to monitor what is happening in an area under surveillance, while a sophisticated system could involve thousands of connected cameras using state-of-the-art technology to automatically identify and track a specific person from one location to another within the facility.
Mobile Applications for Healthcare

Mobile ApplicationS

G4S mobile applications immediately notify stakeholders when an incident occurs, and afford complete visibility of security activities both during an incident and throughout an officer’s regular duties.
Visitor Management

Visitor Management

With visitor management technology, controlling visitors and mining visitor data is simple, and allows healthcare facilities to better protect employees, patients and staff.

A large investor-owned healthcare system, operating 65 hospitals and over 500 outpatient centers, contracted with G4S and now has a comprehensive security program covering many facilities in several states. Data analytics were integral to maintaining compliance and meeting industry standards.


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