Monitoring & Managed Services

The G4S Monitoring Center

G4S owns and operates a UL Listed and CSAA 5 Diamond Certified Monitoring Center that uses advanced technology to protect critical assets and people. Acting as an extra set of eyes, the highly trained Monitoring Center staff helps to provide peace of mind for our customers. The G4S Monitoring Center utilizes superior infrastructure, equipment and personnel to provide industry leading security 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Monitoring and Managed Services

Hosted/Managed/Monitored Access Control

  • No racks, servers or IT set up
  • No training or local software required
  • Stored securely in UL Listed Operations Center
  • Response and reporting on any alarm monitored through the access control platform
  • Cameras can be mapped to the access control system to enhance response and reporting capabilities; audio can be added for real time response
Hosted/Managed/Monitored Access Control

Interactive Video Monitoring

  • Converts your video management system from a reactive to a proactive security measure
  • 24/7 monitoring center provides supervised response with fully customized reporting
  • Can be added to existing video management systems and cameras
  • Video analytic setup and maintenance is done remotely by the G4S Monitoring Center
  • Mobile device app can alert you to any alarm events received and provides live and recorded event video

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Intrusion/Fire/Life Safety System Monitoring

  • Comprehensive suite of alarm monitoring services including intrusion alarm systems, fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler systems, panic buttons, hold-up buttons and duress buttons of all types
  • Ability to monitor most manufacturers’ panels using a variety of communications media including dial-up, network and cellular
  • Video verification provided when required by local authorities
  • Able to receive “open/close signals” and alarm panel self-test signals

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Intrusion/Fire/Life Safety System Monitoring

Video System Diagnostic & Retrieval Services

  • Search, retrieval and analysis of recorded video
  • Weekly check of the DVR/NVR to ensure recording
  • Assist in the forensic search of video based on set criteria, saving you substantial time and expense
  • Periodic checks to determine when the DVR/NVR storage is reaching capacity to avoid critical information from being overwritten
  • Ideal applications include: any facility that utilizes a video security system but does not have dedicated on-site security personnel, investigators or staff regularly monitoring the camera

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Video Verification Services

  • Detects intruders more effectively and reliably than a standard burglar alarm system
  • Less costly and easier to install than a full-scale video system
  • Alarms and video clips can be transmitted directly to your smartphone
  • Meets most Police Departments’ requirements for “verified alarms”and reduces the number of unnecessary dispatches
  • Customized response and reporting
  • Ideal applications include: construction sites, office buildings, warehouses, schools, vacant properties, manufacturing, rooftop HVAC units and transit

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Virtual Chaperone

  • Uses remotely monitored cameras and audio to ensure the safety of your employees and visitors by watching them as they enter or exit your facility or as they work in a remote or hazardous area
  • Custom audio announcements can be used to alert people that the area is being monitored by live operators
  • Maximizes the efficiency of existing guard staff
  • Provides an additional layer of protection for persons with disabilities, or persons in hazardous weather
  • Ideal applications include: office buildings, healthcare facilities/hospitals, parking lots/garages, retail establishments and remote utility sites

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Virtual Tour/Patrol

  • Maximizes the efficiency of existing guard staff
  • Scripted announcements politely enforce rules and policies from a controlled supervised environment
  • Extends the coverage of your cameras system by having live operators monitor and control them throughout the day
  • Turns your camera system from a reactive to a proactive security measure and helps ensure the safety of your staff and customers
  • Assists to prevent vagrancy, soliciting, vandalism and other undesired behaviors
  • Ideal applications include: hospitality and healthcare facilities, shopping centers, multifamily housing, gated communities, recreational facilities, commercial buildings, campuses, utilities, vacant buildings and construction sites

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Unattended Delivery

  • Using remotely monitored cameras and two-way audio, the G4S staff provides facility and/or room access for deliveries maintaining video and audio contact throughout the process
  • Remotely verify the identity of authorized people though doors, gates or other entry portals
  • Custom audio announcements can be made to direct the driver/delivery, and video analytics can be utilized for additional control and reporting
  • This service can be provided on-demand or via schedule with recording and robust reporting
  • Ideal applications include: high-rise residential buildings, gated communities, healthcare facilities, retail, data centers, office buildings and industrial facilities
Unattended Delivery

Virtual Concierge/Visitor Management

  • Provides remote verified access to your facility at doors, gates, etc.
  • Reduces the cost of a doorman, guard or concierge
  • Facilitates the delivery of packages when doors are unattended
  • Customized Reports

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