Day 1 of the 15 Days of G4S: Mary Lashley, G4S Secure Solutions (USA)

Values Winner: Safety, Security and Service Excellence

Mary Lashley

In Missouri, G4S Security Officer Mary Lashley noticed water coming from the facility’s water chillers. Lashley noticed that the flow was excessive and was headed towards an electrical substation. No one except Mary was aware of the water flow, so she immediately contacted maintenance. Because of her knowledge of the facility and awareness, the surrounding areas avoided considerable damage and no property was harmed.
What are the 15 Days of G4S?
The 15 Days of G4S are our way of celebrating G4S employees across North America for their commitment to the company, our customers, their coworkers and to living our values. Our values play a significant role in everything we do. They serve to direct our thinking, our decision-making and the way we conduct our business. They reflect what we value, support our mission and shape our culture by guiding our behavior, our attitudes and our beliefs.
Our Values:
We act with Integrity and Respect
We are passionate about Safety, Security and Service Excellence
We achieve this through Innovation and Teamwork