CSR Committee

Our people and values underpin everything we do. Our updated values are the standards which we have set for ourselves, the organisation as a whole and our stakeholders.

G4S CSR Committee Chair - Elisabeth Fleuriot'There are few businesses in the world which have as wide a geographic footprint, scale and diversity of workforce as G4S, with service offerings touching the lives of millions of people. Of crucial importance to our Group is our continued drive to improve health and safety, and during 2019 our committee will continue to support our goal of zero harm. We operate in countries where the political and social environment is challenging, so we need to make sure we operate in line with our corporate culture and values to ensure the integrity of our organisation, the safety of our employees and those in our care and, the sustainability of our business.'

Elisabeth Fleuriot, CSR Committee Chair 

roles and responsibilities

The Group takes a holistic approach to corporate and social responsibility and is mindful of our societal impact. Our 546,000 employees deliver services in complex and challenging environments and contribute to creating a safer and more connected society in which millions of people live and work.

The CSR Committee was established in 2011 to review and monitor the Group’s CSR approach, which includes developing policies on various CSR-related matters for consideration by the board and to review and monitor how the Group performs against relevant policies. It oversees reporting on CSR matters and progress made during the year.

Over the last seven years, this holistic and integrated approach to CSR has been promoted successfully throughout the Group and during the course of 2018, the committee reviewed and considered amending its terms of reference accordingly. However, in light of the New Code, which came into force in early 2019, it was agreed that amending the terms of reference would be deferred to 2019.