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Concierge-Style Security

This tech giant found that it needed to improve its overall customer engagement and in-house security was not up to standard. Here’s how G4S stepped in to solve the problem.

the challenges: overview

The customer is a well-known and highly successful corporation in the tech space. Its office in Singapore was having a few challenges with staffing the appropriate personnel to provide a positive experience that would promote customer engagement. Lack of customer engagement had the tendency to prevent the brand from growing its positive reputation in the area, and revenue would suffer.

This particular project was a bit different from the typical security service offered by G4S. The customer required a concierge-style security detail on an ad hoc basis. Before G4S became involved, the customer had been using internal staff but was not seeing the level of success it was looking for. A challenge for G4S would be to identify precisely the right type of staff to serve this highly specialised security function.

G4S connected with the customer to work out a plan to meet its needs in a way that was unique to the typical manned guarding support offered.

The Goals

The first priority for this customer was to create a higher level of customer engagement. The customer required a solution that would involve a deployed staff acting as fun and engaging brand ambassadors. This would accomplish the task of securing the premises, while also creating an enjoyable and dynamic environment that would foster a high level of customer engagement.

Accomplishing this goal would present a unique challenge, as the staff would be required to have a more customer-focused attitude with less of a security posture. An additional goal was to have the concierge-style security professionals available on an ad hoc basis. The aim would be to deploy this personnel only as needed rather than having an always on-site security detail. The customer also required a fast turnaround, so G4S would need part of its project goal to involve an expedited method of deploying appropriate personnel.

Finally, the high-level goal was to increase revenue. This would be a natural progression of increased customer engagement, as the perception of the brand would be bolstered.

The Solution

G4S took the customer’s requirements to heart and put together an integrated security solution that involved deploying non-security brand ambassadors that would act as a concierge service to customers on site. The personnel would be used to meet and greet customers on entry, and provide a friendly and energetic first impression. While this solution was quite unlike the typical G4S project, it provided some unique opportunities to tap into its network.

Because the customer required staff with quick turnarounds times, G4S used its far-reaching network of third-party vendors to provide personnel on short notice. By partnering with third-party vendors, G4S was able to deploy the necessary staff as required and under the G4S service banner. In meeting the customer’s goals for a team to be deployed as needed, the third-party vendors G4S partnered with had readily available staff to step in whenever they were requested.

The Results

Thanks to the swift action and powerful vendor connections G4S has built over the years, the project was highly successful. The customer saw a tangible increase in customer interaction immediately upon deploying the new concierge staff. Everyone saw the noticeable change in the environment with the solution put in place by G4S. This created a strong, collaborative partnership between G4S and the customer, as well as with the partner vendors.

As an expected side effect of increased customer engagement, the customer also saw an uptick in revenue as a result of the unique solution G4S provided. This revenue increase should only continue, as the increase in customer engagement leads to an even more positive perception of the customer’s brand.


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