Bhubesi pride
programme in Kenya inspires for 2016


On 29 February, a highly successful media launch was held at KCA University in Nairobi. The event was attended by numerous local media representatives, representatives from the 7’s Rugby team, members of the Shamas Ruby Foundation, 20 children from the participating schools and G4S Kenya’s senior management. The event received the best media attention and coverage in the history of the G4S-Bhubesi Pride partnership. 

On 1 February, 11 G4S employees proceeded to attend a highly interactive leadership training course. The course ties in with the G4S values and aims to improve overall leadership capabilities. 

This year, G4S Kenya decided to take a new and innovative approach to making a sustainable difference to the lives of the more than 270 children from the Mathara informal settlement. G4S partnered with the Shamas Rugby Foundation’s life skill coaches to train 35 G4S employees to assist in delivering effective life skill lessons at the four schools during the rugby couching training week, which took place from 1 – 5 February.

Forming part of G4S Kenya’s 2016 legacy project, a further commitment was made to sponsor 40 children from the participating schools to continue with Shama’s life skills coaching lessons, for a period of one year. G4S also supported the coaching activities by providing refreshments during the training sessions. 

The visit concluded with an energetic Tournament Day held on Saturday, 6 February at KCA University. G4S Kenya managed the event’s logistical arrangements and provided lunch, drinks, branded t-shirts, water bottles, bandannas, medals, trophies, rugby balls, certificates and school stationary. 

The ethos and the values that the Bhubesi Pride Foundation brings to Africa are inspiring and second to none. 

As part of G4S Kenya’s commitment to the corporate value of ‘Safety First’, each participating school was also provided with a first aid kit. The event was attended by representatives of the G4S Senior Management team, the media, customers (Coca-Cola and Dinesh Construction), the Shamas Ruby Foundation and the Kenya 7’s Rugby team.

“The ethos and the values that the Bhubesi Pride Foundation brings to Africa, are inspiring and second to none,” says Chris Manning, Managing Director of G4S Kenya. 

Key Statistics
  • Number of participating schools/communities: 4 (Mathara 4A, Drive Inn, Thika Road Primary, St. Teresa’s Girls School)
  • Number of children coached: 276
  • Boys / girls: 110 / 170
  • Percentage of pupils participating in 3 or more sessions: 98%
  • Local coaches empowered (and BPF levels achieved): 12 (3 x level 4; 5 x level 3; 3 x level 2; 1 x level 1)
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