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Mangaung Correctional Centre wins International Award

On 27 August 2009, Mangaung Correctional Centre (MCC), operated by G4S Care and Justice Services South Africa, received the prestigious NOSA International Award as Winner Sector B for 2008
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This tremendous achievement follows in the wake of MCC becoming the first correctional facility to achieve a NOSA Five Star rating for safety, health and environmental management.

As the winner in its sector, which includes all NOSA clients in health and social work, other community, social and personal service activities, education, public administration, defence, real estate, renting and business activities, MCC not only had to achieve the criteria for the NOSA Integrated Five Star System (including maintaining a disabling injury/incident frequency rate of less than 1.0 per 200 000 employee hours) it also had to achieve the highest effort score in its sector.

To achieve this benchmark is an incredible accomplishment considering that MCC only started implementing the NOSA system three years ago, and is yet another accolade for this world class facility. It also demonstrates that MCC is serious about providing a safe and healthy environment at its facility.

The NOSA Integrated Five Star System provide for the management of safety, health and the environment in an integrated manner, based on the risk profile of any particular site, with an emphasis on effectiveness at an operational level. Clients are graded at least once a year to determine the status of their safety, health and environmental performance and experience.

The results of the audits are then displayed as star ratings. Overall, audit results will indicate possible performance weaknesses in the areas of risk assessment, human behaviour control, visible leadership, continuous improvement and safety, health and environmental standards integration.