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Attack on G4S Cash Centre Sweden Update

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G4S today announced it is offering a reward of up to 7 million Swedish krone for information leading directly to the arrest and conviction of offenders and recovery of monies stolen in yesterday's robbery at its cash centre in Stockholm.

The cash centre has been back in normal operation since yesterday evening, and the team has been working hard to ensure any disruption to customers was minimal.

This has resulted in G4S achieving our normal very high levels of customer service. Cash in circulation in the city will  not be adversely affected by yesterday's incident.

We would like to thank all our cash centre staff for their efforts in being able to deliver the premium level of service our customers have come to expect, in such exceptional circumstances, and also to our customers for their support and understanding.

Anyone with information should contact 11414 (national police number) choose 0 and tell the operator it is regarding the attack.