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Securing our Communities: Knit a Square

Two G4S businesses in South Africa, G4S Cash solutions and G4S Care and Justice services, have thrown their weight behind the very worthwhile Knit-A-Square (KAS) project
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This initiative began many years ago when a family moved to South Africa and through the community and church to which they belonged started getting people to knit squares and sew them together to make blankets that could be distributed to needy children. Some members of the family moved to Australia but continued to promote this initiative via the internet with the result that it has blossomed with people from all over the world sending hundreds of knitted squares every month to the KAS project in South Africa.

Early in 2010, Wendy Hardy of G4S Cash Solutions was approached by some of the founder members of KAS for ideas on how to manage this now massive project. After some thought and discussions with G4S Care and Justice Services, the two G4S companies made a joint proposal to KAS.

They offered to assist KAS by opening some of the hundreds parcels they receive each week and sorting the content. The project has grown to such an extent that in addition to knitted squares they receive donations of clothing, gifts, toys and other useful items. Having separated them, the squares will now be packaged and sent to the G4S-run Mangaung Correctional Centre (MCC) at Bloemfontein to be made into blankets as part of a workshop for inmates.

This project also offers MCC offenders an opportunity to give back to the community. Once the blankets are made, KAS and the local offices of G4S Care and Justice and G4S Cash solutions give these colourful blankets, jumpers and toys to needy children living in local slum communities.

If you would like to join the Knit-A-Square community you can learn more at