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G4S Africa update on Bhubesi Pride

The G4S Africa Region is in its second year of supporting Bhubesi Pride and rugby in Africa

In this relatively short time, G4S took the Pride’s annual expedition to a whole new level by leveraging manpower and its local business contacts in eight countries ( Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia) to provide numerous services and donations for all participating young rugby players.

The program involves teams of highly qualified coaches and teachers working in ten Africa countries during six month missions, delivering mass participation rugby, sports and education programs in schools and street communities.

For more information on Bhubesi Pride, please visit the website:

G4S Africa’s commitment and passion to what Bhubesi Pride does in Africa became evident right away in the first year of cooperation and it has continued to grow since.

While rugby coaching is at the core of Bhubesi Pride’s expedition, the participating G4S countries contributed a lot of resources and activities that make every stop on the way so special for all participants.

This year, G4S has also utilised their passionate work alongside Bhubesi Pride to initiate other community projects, which elevated the partnership to the next level.

Elanie Kruger, G4S Africa’s Regional HR Director, explained the rationale behind their involvement: “With Bhubesi Pride, G4S has developed a partnership which shares our vision of making a positive and sustainable difference in Africa.

I am really thrilled with the successes achieved this year and especially the greater involvement of our customers, the community and our employees. By developing our youth, we make a sustainable difference to the community.

Sport is an excellent medium to promote healthy life choices and a fun way to create awareness of important issues such as protecting the environment, human rights and health & safety.”

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