The power of the mix

Have you discovered our latest POS solution? Introducing G4S PAY — one total solution that combines debit, credit card and cash payments. So that consumers can pay the way they want. With G4S PAY all transactions are credited daily and shown clearly in one report. What’s more, G4S PAY lets retailers benefit from a full range of cost efficient payment solutions.

Video PAY


  • All the financial flows in the shop run efficiently and safely.
  • Cash revenues directly credited to your bank account.
  • Realtime reports of both cash and electronic transactions.
  • Easy payment for customers: Cash, debit, credit cards, online or any other payment method.
  • Even when there is a power outage or the internet connection fails.

Our partner Payplaza

PayPlaza is a leading global payment software company with over 20 years experience in the financial and
payments industry. Since 2010 PayPlaza has developed a revolutionary payment platform encompassing unique solutions for accepting all sorts of payments.

MONEY 2020 - G4S PAY (pdf)

In close collaboration with various partners the Direct Payment solution was set up in 2015 aiming to make the CJIB’s financial flows more efficient. Whether it’s paying a fine, processing a large seizure of goods, or paying for an emergency passport at Schiphol airport.