G4S introduces Pay Connect: all payment flows, always accessible

Pay Connect, a smart ‘super router’ensures that retailers’ payment flows are processed efficiently and are always accessible. Furthermore, the data from the till, PIN terminal and smart safe are securely combined and made accessible in one place.

PAY Connect

Many retailers will recognize the problem of customers not being able to pay by card due to a power or internet failure. The new solution from G4S and PayPlaza avoids this downtime and ensures that all payment flows are accessible at all times. The smart Pay Connect box has a battery and switches automatically to a mobile network if one or more internet providers are experiencing downtime. This guarantees continuity.

Pay Connect also provides insight into the payment data for each till, shop or assistant. Linking Pay Connect to the G4S and PayPlaza systems allows retailers to make daily entries easily, while also fulfilling all the payment system requirements.

Real-time insight

Both the till and the PIN terminal, and a smart safe if applicable, are connected to Pay Connect. This makes it very easy for retailers to call up management reports, which are displayed on a clear dashboard. With Pay Connect in the background, G4S can also monitor and thus directly anticipate in the event of a power failure, for example. This allows the entrepreneur to focus attention on customers, rather than trying to find solutions.

“Pay Connect ensures that all payment flows are available. So concerns regarding power or internet failures are a thing of the past,” says Paul van der Knaap, Managing Director Cash with G4S Nederland. “So I’m proud that we have developed this solution along with the experts from PayPlaza. PayPlaza provides the technology and we provide the knowledge of payment flows. It is a strong combination, which will alleviate entrepreneurs’ concerns. They can focus on their customers and we take care of the payment infrastructure.”

Compliance with PCI DSS

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an international security standard, set up by the various payment card companies. The standard was developed to protect payment card data, preventing the misuse of card data and thus preventing damage. PCI DSS sets requirements for processing, sending and saving card data. Thanks to PayPlaza’s technology incorporated in Pay Connect, it is very easy to comply with the PCI DSS requirements. The ICT manager only has to answer a couple of questions a year, and the rest happens automatically.