Community investment

The social and economic impact of G4S reaches well beyond its working environment and touches the lives of millions of people around the world.
Botswana community investment

in 2016 we:

G4S invested more than £1.5 million in charitable community programmes and the welfare of employees facing health difficulties or financial hardships in developing countries.

This comprises of:

  • Provision of goods, services and financial investment to more than 950 community programmes globally
  • Over £700,000 in corporate donations of money and over £245,000 of donations of goods and services
  • Invested £533,567 into projects to support the long-term welfare and development of employees in development countries
  • Over £50,000 of fundraising matched through our Match-it! programme.
Additionally, over £15,000 of facilitated employee and third party donations were raised for good causes,

Employee Turnover

Overall employee retention continues to improve with voluntary employee turnover reducing to 29.7% in 2019.
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our communities

In 2019 the company made grants of over £173,000 from the Employee Trust Fund in cases where employees had experienced hardship following a serious injury, illness or natural disaster.
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