Employee Retention

Attracting and retaining the best people continues to give G4S a competitive advantage as well as ensuring we deliver the best results for our customers.
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Employee Retention

 For our senior population, we know from our management survey that the most important factor influencing their decision to join and then to stay at G4S is the nature of the roles and the responsibilities on offer.

With a tightening labour market in some countries we face cyclical challenges attracting and retaining employees who may have other employment options. Whilst the interesting and varied nature of the work we offer enables us to retain our core employee base (73% of our employees have more than a year’s service), we have also streamlined our recruitment processes to speed up the time taken to process new employee applications. A strong brand and reputation as a fair employer also differentiate us in a competitive market place. Over a number of years we have focused on improving retention which has meant our labour turnover continues to reduce, even in tight labour markets such as in parts of Europe, where our turnover rates are now below 20%. Overall we saw a further reduction in labour turnover for the Group at 24.7%, down from 25.3% in 2017.

Skills India 

A countrywide government initiative which aims to train 400 million people in different skills by 2022. 
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debating matters beyond bars: UK

A pioneering new prison initiative, held at HMP Birmingham, produced in partnership by the Institute of Ideas Debating Matters Competition, challenges teams of prisoners to engage each other in debate on a series of contemporary social, political, biomedical and cultural debates, encouraging them to think about the world around them, beyond bars.