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The safety and wellbeing of our employees and those in our care is one of our key priorities. Our goal is zero harm.

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To enable us to keep our customers and the communities we serve safe, we must prioritise the safety as well as the health and wellbeing of our employees. It is our responsibility to ensure that our colleagues return home from work safely every day.

The nature of our work and the environments we operate in mean that safety and security present a strategic risk to our business. We believe that setting the highest standards for health and safety across our industry helps keep our colleagues safe and builds loyalty and commitment to G4S among our employees. Leading by example and having expertise in health and safety gives employees, customers and stakeholders confidence that we will work in a safe way.

We recognise that our businesses operate in different contexts and face varying levels of risk. All businesses within the Group are required to meet a set of core health and safety standards. We must make sure that we are constantly learning and continuously enhancing our processes, in order to continue to keep colleagues safe despite a changing environment.

Compliance is monitored via audits and reviews of performance at regional, group and board level via the CSR committee. Health and safety is included in Group Internal Audit’s scope as part of non-financial risks.



  • Continued to improve the performance of businesses which have had multiple fatalities. Serious incidents have reduced by 37% in these businesses since 2015
  • Introduced a reporting and tracking process for those incidents which have the potential to result in a fatality, and increased the coverage of our injury reporting to 98% of businesses

  • Reviewed our front-line health and safety induction training and drafted a mandatory syllabus

  • Revised the G4S Golden Rules of Safety
Sadly, during 2017, 25 of our colleagues lost their lives in work-related accidents. On a comparative basis this is a reduction from 47 fatalities in 2016. The number of road-traffic fatalities has decreased by 48% since 2013, when the first road-safety programme was launched.

While the number of attack-related fatalities decreased in our Cash Solutions businesses, this has not been due to a reduction in the number of armed attacks. The businesses continue to work with the relevant authorities to introduce new procedures and improved controls.

During 2017 the Group’s lost time injury incidence rate was 6.7 per 1,000 employees (98% of businesses reporting). This compares with a rate of 7.7 in 2016 (96% of business reporting).

There were three non-natural deaths in custody in 2017. All deaths in custody are investigated by the relevant authorities to determine the cause of death. One of the incidents was due to self harm. Pronouncements will be made by the relevant coroner on the two remaining incidents following their investigations.

In 2016, we disclosed a death in custody which was later pronounced as due to unintentional drug overdose by the coroner.



  • Continue to implement the revised front-line health and safety induction training

  • Introduce updated controls for security officers working at entrance gates

  • Share and adopt best practice across the Group in managing critical risk areas

  • Develop action plans for businesses which have had multiple fatalities, as well as monitoring their implementation

focus on safety

G4S Regulated Security Solutions (USA), a leading provider of security services to the nuclear power industry in North America, has initiated a comprehensive safety programme.
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Firearms safety

As part of the CSR Committee’s focus on health and safety during 2017, the committee oversaw an initiative to refresh health and safety induction training for front-line employees and the re-issue of a simplified firearms policy across the Group.

Improving driver safety

We recently introduced new high-visibility clothing for our motorcyclists in Thailand, and brightly coloured seat belts in Hong Kong which enabled a visual check.

Safety first

The number of road-traffic fatalities

has decreased by 48% since 2013 when

the first road safety programme was


Road Safety


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