Cash 360

A unique end to end cash management solution. 

As a customer focused business we are always looking for ways to enhance our business solutions, and several years ago we asked our customers a question: what were their cash management needs? 

They told us that cash was a key part of their organisation and that they wanted a more efficient way to manage it. They wanted a solution that would cut the cost of using cash and minimise losses, increase margins, improve management information, and safe-guard the security of cash handling and the safety of employees. 

Most importantly, they wanted to gain more time to concentrate on better serving their customers and to run their businesses more efficiently and profitably. 

An innovative and integrated solution

Two years of research and development resulted in the launch of CASH360™, the unique end-to-end cash management solution that makes cash work harder for businesses, safer for their employees, and better for customers. 

Today over 3,500 organisations in four continents and across diverse market sectors make use of CASH360™. They have reported in-store costs cut by up to 70%, “shrinkage” losses eliminated, greatly simplified operations, better cash flow, improved management information and best of all - time bought back to spend on their front line customer-facing services. 

Unique end-to-end cash management 

CASH360™ is taking the pain out of managing cash and enabling employees to focus on the heart of their businesses – the customer. We work closely with our customers; using our cash expertise and innovative technologies to create and deliver the right solution for their needs. By combining the best in class in-store technology with our global cash cycle software, CASH360™ delivers:

• Better cash flow 
• Simplified operations 
• Safer environment 
• Reduction in losses 
• More time to focus on the business 

CASH360™ is an end to end cash management solution that can be tailored to fit the diversity of your requirements, such as different store sizes and business objectives. Our solutions are proven across a range of businesses and sectors such as: 

Petrol Stations 
Convenience Stores 
Transport and Logistics 

The holistic approach of CASH360™

We have developed five key cash management components that together help achieve the best possible outcomes for your business.

CASH360™ Customer testimonials:

“We soon reaped the benefits of the CASH360™ solution” 
Dennis Hoogreef, Director of IT and Facilities, HMSHost

“The CASH360™ solution has been a revelation to our business”
Ciaran Mangan, Store Owner, Mangan’s Centra

“CASH360™ saves approximately six hours each day of our managers’ time, which they can now spend adding value and providing customer care”
Helena Malone, Accountant, Crowne Plaza Hotel (Tifco Hotel Group)