G4S Secure Solutions continues to be your reliable partner in the days of declared state of emergency in the territory of the Republic of Serbia. Read the full statement

Grow your business, not your risk.

Secure everything that matters to you.

G4S believes in a security principle that puts your interests first. Our risk-based approach designs a program customized for your needs, using the latest innovations in technology. We back your program with the world’s most vigilant guard force. Our integrated security solutions help you mitigate risk, reduce costs and decrease liability.

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In Serbia we use our global experience to provide our clients with the best security solutions. From risk assessment to delivery, we work in partnership with governments, small businesses and large organisations to provide integrated solutions to security challenges. 

About us

Who we are
G4S is the world's leading international security solutions group
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Careers with G4S
G4S employs over 4200 security officers in Serbia
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Health and Safety

Health and Safety
G4S provides Health & Safety at work as a legal obligation
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Manned Security

3 PM Saturday and all is well. Let’s keep it that way.
Mobile guarding

Mobile Patrol & Response

Manpower. Technology. Innovation.
G4S employee installing security systems

Systems Integration

When you prepare, you prevent.
Cash in transit

Cash in Transit

We decrease our customer’s direct cash handling risk and costs in Cash In Transit services.

Fever Screening

Integrated Fever Screening Solution

A vital tool in the detection of elevated body temperature which may indicate the presence of a fever, a symptom of the Coronavirus (COVID-19)
alarm monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Risk is always on the lookout for weaknesses, G4S is always on the lookout for risk.

Fire safety

Fire Safety is one of the most important factors regarding general safety of companies or legal entities. In contrast to other risks fire can destroy years of invested material assets and jeopardize human lives in a short time interval.

Cash Processing

For some companies, today's world is a less dangerous place. Why would you take the risk yourself?

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G4S Academy: Bringing Intelligence into the Future of Security

Intelligence not only means creating a culture of awareness, but also connecting security with core business strategies, making it an integrated and active part of a company’s operations.
risk analysis

Security Risk Assessment and Security Consultancy

The G4S Security Risk Assessment & Security Consulting team specializes in optimizing business continuity strategies and programs that protect assets, employees, customers and strategic business information.
Close Protection Officer in Africa

VIP Personal Driver

In order to further develop the security system for our clients' executive staff, G4S provides a Professional Driver service.
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Reception Services

Ordinary days require extraordinary welcome at your premises.