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Cash in Transit

If your business relies on cash, you'll know the importance of getting it from A to B. Particularly if B is the bank.
Cash in transit

The systems and methods of transporting cash are developed to meet strict international and G4S’ standards. They are tailored, however, to meet specific requirements of banking and retail trade in providing a safe and secured transportation.

Cash in Transit services are being provided using up-to-date armoured vehicles equipped with multiple mechanical and electronic protection systems in accordance with G4S’s high levels of security standards.

Our G4S fleet for providing Cash in Transit services contains over 100 vehicles within the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia. The vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking and monitoring system, a private mobile network and radio communication equipment.

CIT Monitoring Centre provides 24 hour monitoring and remote control over the entire CIT fleet 365 days a year.

Suitcases with electro-chemical protection are being used during cash transportation in accordance with the best world practice. It ensures the highest possible level of safety at the time of delivery of our customers’ valuables.

During the CIT operations, no keys are held in the vehicles!

All Cash Handling procedures have been accepted and complied with the insurers’ demands via our insurance brokers (such as Marsh SA Europe and AON). 

All G4S’ transportations are covered by our insurance policy, unique in Serbia.

Our customers are well aware of the cost-effectiveness and rationale behind risk transfer that accompanies cash processing and transporting. G4S Secure Solutions is the very first and only security company in Serbia which has a Cash Center providing the complete service of handling cash and other valuables.