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Mobile Patrol & Response

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Mobile guarding

Mobile guarding service includes three basic sub-services: 

  1. Patrol - visit to predefined sites and perimeters, security check and interior check of secured sites, reporting on defective security devices, locks, fences etc.
  2. Intervention – prompt reaction upon receipt of an alarm signal from endangered site; check of the site exterior or interior; securing the site after the incident/accident in order to protect the evidence until Police arrival; in accordance with Law restrictions, restraining offenders until the Police arrive.
  3. Escort – escorting cash or any other goods transportation in order to protect it from robbery, surprise attack, extortion etc.  

G4S also provides a Professional Driver service (VIP - executive protection).
Employees chosen for this service possess not only excellent driving skills, but are also trained in the same manner as the Manned Security Officers.

Engaged drivers are constantly communicating with the Operations Centre, and in the event of any incidents, not only is the driver himself is available, but also mobile guarding intervention teams and the nearest G4S Regional Centres, nationwide.

The vehicle’s routes can be monitored via GPS from Operations Centre.

Customers can request the additional ad-hoc service whenever there is a need to secure guests or delegations from/to the airport and during their stay in Serbia.

Besides engaging VIP drivers for business occasions, we are also able to provide a similar service to the members of expatriate families – whenever it comes to securing trips to school, cinema, theatre etc.

This service represents a complete and integrated executive protection service.

Mobile patrols and response goals:

Preventive Protection – To deter potential intruders and vandals from endangering secured sites through random patrols

Surprise Factor – To detect every defect or illegal activity during the patrol visit

Efficiency – To intervene in the shortest possible time and to protect a property

Flexibility – To meet specific customers’ requirements and provide optimum security

Cost Efficiency – Compromise between security maximization and cost minimization

Only G4S integrates manpower and the latest security technologies into truly comprehensive and cohesive security solutions. The latest security technologies and business intelligence that traditional guard services simply do not offer and technology companies alone cannot provide. 

We are here to provide security escorts when you are transporting your shipments. Both miles and danger stay behind us.