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Remote Monitoring

Risk is always on the lookout for weaknesses, G4S is always on the lookout for risk.
alarm monitoring

Remote monitoring is a way of protecting your assets and your family by installing and connecting electronic security systems with G4S Control Center where highly trained and experienced operators with licence operative through a special, specialized software continuously monitoring the operation of connected alarm and video systems. 

In the situation of growing violence, burglary and robbery, the concern regarding your property’s protection is completely taken over by G4S  - our mission is to ensure the highest level of your security.

In case of any alarm situation detected, the Monitoring center shall immediately alert and dispatch the mobile guarding intervention team to check the secured site. At the same time, the Police and/or Emergency services (fire department, ambulance) are also alerted, as well as the customer.

Control centre

Control (Monitoring) center is the vital core of 24/7 alarm monitoring services and is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and tools in order to perform quick incident response (detected silent panic, burglary, fire, flood).

Control center supervises and coordinates all activities with the mobile guarding intervention teams on duty.

Alarm monitoring service users are recommended to install and train to use panic keys (burglary related, medical) for so-called silent notifications which is also registered by the Monitoring Center.

By installing and using the anti-theft and anti-attack alarm system, you will be sure that:

  • Potential burglars are deterred
  • Any unauthorized access to the protected site shall be instantly recognized
  • Any unauthorized event shall immediately sound the alarm and the alarm signal shall be sent to our Control centre
  • All authorized persons shall be immediately alerted and the intervention teams deployed accordingly 

Each site secured by electronic security system and monitoring services is labelled with window and door decals containing warning sign – Secured by G4S. Please note that in the case of video security of public areas, there is also a legal obligation to place a notice in a visible place.

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