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ESO2 ventilator
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covid-19 ventilator testers

Rising to the challenge
G4S staff at Hinkley Point


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G4S staff at Manchester City Etihad Stadium's COVID-19 testing site
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G4S security officer checks ID passes at NHS Nightingale
nhs nightingale

securing the fightback against

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Building in London


G4S plc (“G4S” or the “Company”) announces that, in relation to the UK Serious Fraud Office (“SFO”) investigation initiated in 2013, its subsidiary G4S Care and Justice Services (UK) Limited (“G4SCJ”) has agreed a Deferred Prosecution Agreement (“DPA”) with the SFO. 
Security guard checking boxes in lorry

Discreet security for COVID-19 ventilator testers

To support the fight against Covid-19, Penlon ESO2 ventilators are produced on a mass scale by major manufacturing companies across the UK. G4S rose to the challenge of securing the quality assurance centres that could otherwise have been a fatal bottleneck in the supply of this vital piece of medical equipment   
G4S staff collecting COVID-19 test kits

COVID-19 testing centres set up in days in rapid response to pandemic

Testing sites have been set up all over the UK to manage and combat coronavirus. How has G4S been involved on the frontline of a global pandemic? 
G4S Security Guard at the NHS Nightingale Hospital

Securing the COVID-19 fightback at NHS Nightingale

As the coronavirus threat grew in the UK in late March 2020, the government commissioned a new hospital, NHS Nightingale, to be constructed in London to increase NHS capacity. Security was essential, and within days G4S was on site with a scalable technology-enabled access solution to keep doctors, nurses, patients and other essential staff safe. Chris Burr led the deployment and recalls those hectic first few days…
Patient Transport Service worker with patient

"Outstanding" leadership in high performing Patient Transport Service

G4S's Patient Transport Service in London has received the highest possible rating from the industry regulator for being well-led. 
Cash at one of G4S's cash centres

ESTA: No risk of contamination with Covid-19 on banknotes

ESTA, The Cash Management Companies Association, has issued the following statement.
A prisoner standing in the prison gardens

Inspectors find HMP Parc “bucks the trend” with reductions in violence  

An inspection report published today has found that levels of safety have improved at G4S-managed HM Prison Parc
HMP and YOI Parc prison in South Wales, UK

Inspectors say HMYOI Parc is “easily the best performing YOI in England and Wales” 

In a report published by HM Inspectorate of Prisons, the Chief Inspector Peter Clarke said HMYOI Parc includes practices and procedures that are far better than other YOIs. 

Natwest and G4S announce intelligent safe

NatWest has launched Intelligent Safe, an innovative cash management system developed in partnership with G4S that will allow businesses to deposit cash without visiting the bank.
Enhanced Security Officer on site at Hinkley Point C

Powerful protection: G4S’s Enhanced Security Officers

The elite training and education behind the men and women keeping thousands of workers safe at Hinkley Point C, the first nuclear power station to be built in the UK in a generation. 
Prisoner at HMP Rye Hill

HMP Rye Hill creating ‘meaningful rehabilitative culture’

Inspectors from HMIP found G4S-run HMP Rye Hill to be a well-run facility that effectively manages a complex and high risk prison population.
G4S service engineer

A Highland treasure; Protecting Glenmorangie

To secure its best-selling single malt whisky and production facilities, the famous Glenmorangie company works closely with G4S to provide the very best security solutions to its sites.

Cultivating a calmer prison environment; HMP Parc wins gardening award

Award-winning green spaces at HMP & YOI Parc are a haven for wildlife and play an important role in the training of prisoners, while positively impacting on their behaviour and morale.
Brook House Immigration Removal Centre

Independent monitors report detainee safety is ‘paramount’ at Gatwick IRCs

The Independent Monitoring Boards at G4S-managed Brook House Immigration Removal Centres have published reports which praise efforts directed towards providing a safe environment for detainees and staff. 
Oakhill secure training centre

Young people feel safe at Oakhill STC, says new Ofsted report

An Ofsted inspection report found that young people at Oakhill Secure Training Centre (STC) “feel safe” and highlights that the trainees “have benefited in significant ways from their support and experience of care at Oakhill.”
Father and son at HMP Parc

Is 'normalisation' the key to prisoner rehabilitation in the UK?

HMP Oakwood has opened six new family visiting rooms to enhance the relationship between prisoners, their families and significant others to help reduce reoffending.
Hinkley Point C employee

Security with a smile: how G4S Ambassadors bring together customer experience and security 

An innovative and award-winning G4S security and customer service solution first launched for banking customers in Scotland has been expanded to London.
Gender Pay Gap 2018

G4S publishes UK Gender Pay Gap Report for 2018

Today G4S has published its UK Gender Pay Gap Report for 2018.
HMP Birmingham Prison Exterior

HMP Birmingham agreement

G4S announces that by mutual agreement with the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) it will permanently transfer the management of HMP Birmingham to Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) with effect from 1 July 2019.

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