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Quattro dining experiences

Quattro Dining experiences

Food is our passion and our recipes and ingredients reflect this.

We invest in research to understand what food choices people really want, allowing us to reflect the age, gender and race at your site. This gives you a personalised offer from day one, maximising footfall and keeping satisfaction high.  

A vibrant high-street environment
Having a place to meet and relax is a great benefit to staff  - our restaurants have been designed under our own Quattro brand which has a vibrant high street feel. However we are also happy to combine your specific colours and branding if you wanted to create a bespoke environment reflecting your own company culture.
A modular restaurant built with your audience in mind
Our approach to food is flexible, we have a range of food modules which work stand alone or in any combination, allowing us to personalise your offer and if needed to change it on a regular basis. Each exciting element offers a unique dining experience and has its own distinct look and feel. Offers include:
A fresh and modern deli for lighter options 
Designed to reflect our healthy choices, our deli includes cold and hot snacks, prepared and freshly made using an assortment of breads, fillings and salads. If staff are worried about queuing we are happy for them to pre order.
A satisfying meal with lots of options 
Everyday favourites including, traditional and ethnic dishes, pizza stations, salad bars as well as street food keep staff happy, especially if this is the main meal of their day.
Live theatre
This area creates drama within your restaurant; choices change daily and allow individuals to be-spoke their dish while watching it being freshly cooked.
Express service
This quick and easy grab and go option includes, pre-packaged sandwiches and baguettes as well as crisps, confectionery prepared salads and other healthy snacks, yogurts and fruit pots.
Coffee to rival the high street
Whether it is a full on Barista experience, the convenience and consistency of a semi-automatic machine, a self-serve bean to cup, or vended offer - partnering with leading coffee manufacturers, we supply award winning coffee and machinery that suits different  budgets, environments and consumer price points.
A hospitality service
We can also provide facilities for meetings such as tea coffee and lunches, as well as catering for any corporate events you may have on site.

Deli Style Sandwiches

"I used to pop out to the local sandwich shop, but now I am able to chose my own sandwich fillings, not only does my lunch taste great but I don't have to go out to get it!"

Did you know?

Over 55% of people snack in the afternoon
Quattro dining experiences