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G4S HPC Staff

G4S Academy

Noah Price introduces the G4S Academy

Our mission is to build a network of security professionals that challenges traditional thinking, embraces change and predicts future demand by combining G4S knowledge and expertise with that of industry specialists. We are committed to providing regular and relevant thought leadership content across a variety of media.

Who is the G4S Academy for?

The G4S Academy promotes continuous professional development and network expansion for:
People working in the security industry

For those operating in the security industry, the G4S Academy offers:

  • Specialists – direct access to our industry, technology and solution design experts
  • Repository – direct access to our white papers, webinars, vLOGs, seminars, events and more
  • Network – register to discuss best practice with your peers
  • Forum – exclusive events for industry thought leaders
People working internally within G4S

Internally, the G4S Academy plays an important role too by; 

  • Building a consistent global training and development competency matrix 
  • Driving alignment and consistency of security, safety and risk concepts
  • Focusing on innovation and product development

Why enroll?

Enrolment in the academy will provide you with instant access to our network of technology and industry specialists.
In addition, support your continuous professional development by accessing VLOGs, white papers, webinars, monthly bulletins and much more.

Best-practice sharing in the security industry

Our global community of G4S specialists are passionate about securing your world, providing the latest solutions and leveraging their industry knowledge to look at future security demands, and share these insights with our customers.