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Alarm system

Every day, some of our citizens lose part of their property. Preserve your values.
G4S C2000 Alarm System.

Burglars primarily choose unprotected locations.Your SAFETY must come first.

G4S is the official partner and distributor of many well-known brands of equipment.

Our offer of alarm protection systems, among others, includes:


Alarm systems that have unique characteristics (possibility of real-time video verification, operation without power supply and telephone lines, etc.).

Access control systems, ramps and barricades

Video security systems

Integrated protection systems

Fire protection systems

Working time recording systems with the option of monitoring via mobile application.

Alarm system



By installing an alarm system, you become sure that:


Your preventive action will deter most burglars;

Any unauthorized entry into the protected facility will be registered;

Any unauthorized entry will activate the alarm immediately and send a notification to the control center;

Authorized persons will be automatically notified of the situation;

Patrol teams will arrive at the facility as soon as possible.


If you already have an alarm system, we advise you to take a step towards reducing the risk by connecting it to a monitoring center, which greatly reduces the possibility of breaking into the building.


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