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Cash in transit

Let's make the world a safer place to live!

Providing efficient security solutions is what we have been doing for more than a century and it would not be possible without our people. They are part of every security strategy. The G4S community numbers more than 800,000 people worldwide, while our team in Serbia currently consists of close to 3,500 colleagues.

Many colleagues started their professional careers in our company and remained with us for over 20 years! That is why G4S is the right choice for those who are looking for a position that will bring them new knowledge and experience, but also opportunities for further advancement in their careers - especially for those with a passion for security!

Our business relationships and activities are built on trust, openness and honesty. We work as a well-organized team in which everyone's contribution is valued. We treat our colleagues, clients and everyone we care about with the utmost respect.

If you are responsible and professional, you already have a great starting point for working in our company. Each of our positions is characterized by dynamism - whether you work with people in the position of security officer / hostess or work in Alarm Monitoring or Money Transport. Colleagues themselves point out the good organization of work as our great advantage.

Here are brief overviews of our positions:


Manned Security

Protecting property and people is their primary, but not the only task - G4S licensed security officers are always available and ready to help users of our services in all regular and emergency situations. Read more about this position by clicking on the link below.

Mobile Security

With the support of our operators, they are the first to react in emergency situations and, in accordance with the procedures, go to the location where the alarm was activated. Some of their duties are intervention and verification after the alarm is sounded, providing patrol services to other organizational units, as well as services of physical and technical security of facilities of increased risk and special specifics.
Mobile Security patrols

Operators in the Alarm Monitoring Center

They monitor and operate the video surveillance system of the facility and the anti-burglary system with the alarm control panel, control and monitor all communications that take place in the radio communication system and guide security services to the necessary locations for intervention. They also supervise and operate the fire protection system.

G4S employee in front of screens


They control the dynamics of current tasks and work on installing and maintaining safety equipment. Our Systems sector offers various services from the design, planning, execution and integration of complex systems to their maintenance which is done by technicians.

G4S employee installing security systems

Cash processing

From collecting, through processing, to transportation - they manage cash and values and, by that, make it easier for our clients to do their business. The money of our clients is safe in their hands.

G4S cash van
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