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Manned Security

3 PM Saturday and all is well. Let’s keep it that way.
g4s staff

G4S’ experience-based security officer programs give you the flexibility to select the right type of officer for your specific security and customer-service requirements.


All G4S Security Officers are recruited and carefully screened according to their talents, qualifications, experience, temperament and background. We ensure that they perform effectively and admirably.

Our basic duties are not only in securing customer’s assets and employees. G4S security officers are available at all times and ready to help in all business-as-usual and extraordinary situations that customers may face. By introducing new procedures and in-house rules relating to site protection, G4S security officers have prevented numerous thefts, damages, indisciplined behaviour at the workplace, fires, floods and other incidents. All security officers engaged in manned guarding of the sites are connected via radio and/or mobile phones to our Operations Center which supervises and coordinates every officer 24 hrs a day.

Nothing happened today.

In a perfect world, no one thinks about guards at the gate except you.

The hundreds of people coming and going don’t think about you or what a good job you’re doing, or how they always manage to get seamlessly where they need to go, because you’ve chosen manned guarding service that just works.

Because you choose G4S nothing happened today. It was another great day.