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G4S Secure Solutions (CZ), took overguarding of the premises and the exhibits of the National Gallery in Prague

G4S Secure Solutions (CZ), the leading provider of security services in the area of personal and property protection, took over guarding of the premises and the exhibits of the National Gallery in Prague on January 28, 2017. G4S has extensive experience with guarding of cultural values in a global scope.


The National Gallery has thus become another significant world cultural institution using the services of G4S. In the Czech Republic, G4S secured for example the transportation of the most expensive coin in the world, the legendary Flowing Hair Liberty Dollar from the year 1794 of the value amounting to a quarter of a billion of crowns, which was displayed in the New Building of the National Museum last year.

“It is an honour for our company to have established cooperation with the National Gallery. This pivotal cultural institution takes care of collections of inestimable value not only in terms of money, but mainly in terms of them representing cultural heritage of the Czech Republic and its history. Therefore the fact that our professionals can contribute to the protection of this cultural heritage is really prestigious for us,”said Lenka Nováková, Business Development Director of G4S Czech Republic.