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  • Physical security of buildings
  • G4S specializes mainly in physical security services with a focus on protection:
  • Industrial, logistics or technological facilities.
  • banking and financial institutions
  • government offices or embassies
  • commercial and administrative centres
  • critical infrastructure facilities (airports, energy, state material reserves)
  • cultural and historical sites
  • retail chains and retail stores
  • buildings under construction
  • Reception services
  • Mobile patrol service
  • Shared physical security service
  • Security for sporting or cultural events - Event security
  • Physical vehicle escorts
  • Detective services
  • Mystery shopping
  • Preventive fire patrols
  • Municipal security


G4S offers coverage of various physical protection positions:

  • Receptionist
  • Security Officer - Security Guard
  • Security guard - guard with a weapon or a dog
  • Security Officer - Prevention Officer (COVID-19)
  • Strike Team Worker
  • Controller
  • Security Systems and Technology Operator (Security Command)
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) operator
  • Facility Manager
  • Security Supervisor
  • Custodian (gallery)
  • Mobile patrol (for a given facility or area)

G4S uses modern equipment and technology:

Our employees are equipped with various modern technologies according to their assignment and according to the contractual agreement with the client, which raise the physical protection services to a higher standard of service performance and to a higher level of client security.

  • TouchGuard - a physical security tool for on-line monitoring of patrol activity with recording of incidents, vigilance checks, receiving or sending alarm messages to/from the G4S remote alarm receiving center, GPS tracking of guard position, assignment of tasks) 
  • KPIs module - online evaluation of the quality of service performance and methodological training
  • KPIs module - online registration of vehicles and visits
  • Online key management
  • Electronic receptionist - modern technology to provide reception service in electronic form
  • Fast means of transport in the security of premises - vehicles, segways, tricycles, etc.
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) - for large campuses
  • Mobile clients for security systems
  • Personal cameras recording activities or incidents
  • Analytical tools using artificial intelligence to streamline the work of the security systems and technology operator service on a specific site
  • AI-enabled analytical tools at remote alarm monitoring and receiving centres with the ability to remotely identify defined incidents

Why use physical security services from G4S:

  • We offer the backing and guarantee of the largest international security group in the field of physical protection
  • Our personnel are individually vetted through an initial security check
  • We can guard facilities with staff with the required clearance and National Security Authority certification
  • We have a sophisticated incentive system for staff based on continuous evaluation of the quality of service performance
  • We use modern tools that digitize the service and allow customers to have an online overview of the security situation
  • Our physical security is continuously connected to our certified alarm monitoring reception centre
  • We conduct a security survey prior to taking on a new job, based on which we can recommend the most appropriate method and option for physical security services
  • We use time-tested and functional methodological procedures and instructions for the performance of the service
  • We offer the possibility of using substitute performance
  • We have unique insurance terms and conditions that protect us and our clients
  • Our services are trusted and relied upon by the most prominent companies in the market from the banking and retail sectors, as well as government and state institutions and critical infrastructure entities

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If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact our sales department: