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Securing Temples Of Learning

A secure environment is of primary importance to any Educational Institution. Children require constant supervision and protection. A safe, secure and healthy environment is a must for their growth. However, schools are vulnerable to multiple security threats and risks. In today’s world, schools have become soft targets for criminals and terrorist organizations looking to carry out their nefarious operations. Many unfortunate incidents that happen in the schools have caused the educational institutions to rope in professional security solution providers to secure their school premises, students, teachers and other assets. An effective security system has become necessary to ensure safety and security of the staff and students. Any lapse in the security system, right from managing the traffic outside the schools to secure access to the school premises, could lead to security risks and concerns.

G4S secures the students, the staff and the premises of educational institutions worldwide. This case study illustrates how G4S ensures a safe learning environment at a premier educational group in South India. 

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