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G4S provides uncompromised emphasis on training to all its employees. The training team comprises trained, experienced professionals who provide training to employees at all levels of the organization over a wide range of training topics.

At G4S it is mandatory for every employee to complete the basic training before deployment. A modern and effective onboarding platform facilitates employee onboarding and compliance with regulatory norms and internal standards.

The learning of employees does not stop with the deployment. After the employee is deployed there is regular training conducted to ensure that he is constantly learning new skills or honing his existing ones. Some training subjects include basic life support & first aid, fire fighting, intrusion handling, use of force, access control, man & material movement, monitoring and surveillance, self-defense, vehicular escort duties, handling emergency situations, patrol duties, investigation & incident reporting, and more.

We have worked successfully for many years with major public and private sector organisations from North Africa to Southern Asia to meet their training and developmental needs.


Although very varied, our services for clients fall broadly into the following areas:

  • Security-related training, development, and consultancy
  •  Risk management consultancy
  •  Management and business skills development

We also offer a comprehensive range of courses that cover management development, business, and interpersonal and security skills. We are transcending into sectoral focus in the Security domain addressing the threat perceptions in the Aviation, Seaport (Marine), Hospitality, and healthcare services. We work with our clients on a partnership basis which includes designing bespoke programs according to specific requirements thereby customizing our deliverables for the best services rendered.


We have a team of learned and valued academicians with desired experience as security professionals that gives us the cutting edge significantly prominent as perceived thus by the clients. We use a range of training techniques, including formal inputs, indoor and outdoor experiential activities, psychometric tools, mentoring, and coaching to suit individual learning preferences for desired outcomes. We are flexible in organizing programs at clients’ premises, our training institutions, or other convenient venues.

We take pride in the quality of all the services we offer to our clients which is recognized and underpinned by our achievement of ISO 9001:2015 QMS certified by BSI.