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manned security

G4S in Mozambique is proud not only for being the biggest security company in the country, but also of being the best and most experienced.

G4S Secure Solutions Mozambique is the only company that renders security services with an academy for training the security officers so that they can successfully face operational challenges, either in management or in operations.
Our capability of response to the customers’ needs includes but is not limited to the following solutions:
• Offices and other administrative areas: surveillance services or reception 
• Banks/Exchange Offices: Surveillance services or reception   
• Government, Industry and Commerce: surveillance services, reception and access control including the access of people and merchandise.
• Residences: Surveillance services
• Sites (Construction projects, Mining and investigation): Surveillance services,
• Diplomatic Corps and NGO's: Surveillance services,
• Special events: Surveillance services
• Technology Solutions: G4S provides a wide range of security solutions, including Access Control, CCTV, Identity management, Alarm monitoring, Visitor Management, Biometric Technologies and further more. 

By incorporating technology into your building security, you will see greater cost efficiencies and enhanced productivity. Technology can enhance protection beyond that of a security officer and replace their more routine tasks to deliver greater efficiencies.