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PDMR Dealing announcement

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The company was notified on 3 April 2012 that, on that day, the following ordinary shares of G4S plc were either acquired by directors of and other persons discharging managerial responsibility (“PDMRs”) within G4S plc as result of the vesting of shares awarded in March 2009 under the company’s performance share plan and deferred shares relating to the company’s annual bonus scheme relating to the period ending 31 December 2008, or the PDMRs concerned chose to defer the release to them of such shares:

PDMR   Shares released Share release deferred  
Nick Buckles   272,624
Trevor Dighton   150,251
Grahame Gibson 155,357  
Irene Cowden   72,571 
Graham Levinsohn   16,642
Søren Lundsberg-Nielsen 63,464
Debbie McGrath 15,001
David Taylor-Smith 33,324
Willem van de Ven 12,943

Where the shares were released, sufficient numbers of such shares were sold to pay for the tax and social security contributions due in respect of the release and, in addition, Mr van de Ven sold all of the rest of the shares which had been released to him. After these sales, the PDMRs retained the following numbers of shares from the release:

PDMRShares retained from the release
Grahame Gibson 97,996
Debbie McGrath 7,386
Willem van de Ven nil

The deemed value of the released shares in each case was £2.745 per share.

(Disclosures made in accordance with DTR 3.1.2R)

Peter David
Company Secretary