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Placing integrated security at
the heart of world-leading solutions

G4S experts in control room

The term ‘integrated solutions’ is discussed in the security industry all the time, and yet I’m often asked to explain what it means in our business.  At G4S, it’s simple; Integrated Security is our unique combination of expertise, security professionals, technology and data analytics.

As with all industries, the security industry has seen a significant transformation over recent years.  Gone are the days of the lone security officer, or the odd video monitoring camera.  Now, a fully comprehensive security plan will look at all aspects of risk, providing the knowledge to inform decisions such as how many security professionals are needed, what sort of technology would benefit the security programmes and how can the combination of all these things, along with data analytics, be used to manage the risks to the customer and add economic, social and environmental value to them. 

We use a risk-based approach when designing a solution for a customer, employing a global security risk assessment methodology.  This ensures a full understanding of the threats at the very beginning.  Only once this has been done, can we identify the most appropriate combination of process, people, technology and data.  We do this whilst balancing the customer’s appetite for risk and of course, their budget and business strategies.  However, as threats to customers are constantly evolving, it is important that our solutions don’t stand still either. Our consultative approach builds strong partnerships with our customers, ensuring that we help them through their journey of risk management throughout their lifecycle.   
G4S Integrated Security is our combination of expertise, security professionals, technology and data analytics, to manage risks and enhance value for our customers.
Steen bonke sorensen, Global director of the G4S academy
Our well trained and experienced people are a core part of our industry leading capabilities.  From the best security professionals, to the experts who analyse the vast amount of data we can collect, our people are the foundation of the services we provide.  Our security professionals are ‘technology-enabled’ meaning they have the right tools for the job and are able to perform their duties to the best of their ability. 

Technology is everywhere nowadays and is a huge part of all our lives. From mobile phones to self driving cars, technology has rapidly changed the way we do everyday things, and in the security industry it is no different.  It’s essential to use the right technology for each individual scenario, and we never suggest using technology just for the sake of it. Sometimes a solution may be further training or upskilling the on-site security professionals.  However, as part of G4S Integrated Security, we have the capability and expertise to select and integrate the right technology to add value to our customers. Plus, through our intelligent data analysis, whether that is done by humans or machines, we systematically collect data and produce reports, scrutinising that data and providing insights for our customers. We find that the strength of our data underpins everything we do, thus further adding value to customers. 
Enhanced Security Officer on site at Hinkley Point C
The impact of our approach is significant. Using our expertise, conducting thorough risk assessments, and sourcing technology and people services from a single source simplifies the supply chain. It also drives accountability for service delivery; having one person to oversee the entire solution makes it easier for the customer to manage.  Plus, there can be no place to hide if things go wrong.

We deliver the input, in the form of G4S Integrated Security, and create a meaningful output, which really does drive value for our customers. We manage their risks and drive compliance, which helps put them ahead of competition in their markets.  

Earlier this year, we expanded the G4S Academy to share best practice internally and provide customers with the newest and most sophisticated solutions, through access to our expertise across the globe. This has allowed us to offer world class knowledge sharing when it comes to designing the best security for our customers. 

Ultimately, every day, colleagues around the world are designing G4S Integrated Security in partnership with our customers. It is our intelligent combination of security services - thorough and robust risk processes, the best people, the latest technology and strong data analytics - tailored by our specialists to anticipate and meet our customers' needs.
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