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Judo Partnership

The British Judo Association and Group 4 Securicor plc (G4S) are delighted to announce their partnership as part of the FTSE- British Olympic Association Initiative.
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G4S Partners With The British Judo Association For The FTSE and British Olympic Association Partnership Initative

The objective is for the partnership to be ongoing up to, and potentially beyond, the London Olympics in 2012. G4S will provide skills transfer in support of British Judo as it develops as a world class, autonomous organisation.

Projects will vary over time, and the initial focus will be to identify the specific areas of expertise and competencies that have driven G4S to be the elite security company in the world that may be transferable to a national governing body of sport – also in the business of trying to be world class. Sporting bodies are becoming more commercial by the day and there is great potential to learn quickly from a strong commercial mentor in the areas of human resources, training, sales, customer service and communications.

Densign White, Chairman of the British Judo Association said, “We are very excited to establish this relationship with a vibrant and growing company like G4S. From the first meeting it was very apparent that we can benefit greatly from the experience and size of G4S and we have already identified some specific work areas to explore. This is an excellent initiative and I would like to thank Colin Moynihan, BOA Chairman and G4S for making it possible for British Judo to participate.”

G4S is excited by the partnership because it provides an opportunity for the organisation and its 30,000 UK employees to engage in British sport and to contribute in some way to sports development in its home market.

Nick Buckles, CEO of G4S said, “We are delighted to be involved in the project as we believe there is a great deal that business can learn from sport and we too have some expertise to offer the team at British Judo. Our initial discussions have already identified a number of areas of synergy and we are looking forward to developing those over the coming months. We are also very proud to be supporting British sport overall, in the lead up to the Olympics in London in 2012.”