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G4S staff praised for Pakistan Consulate response

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Each and every day many of our employees are engaged in protecting Critical National Infrastructure in challenging and sometimes hostile environments, ranging from traditional security roles through to high level penetration testing and threat assessment.

It is a testament to their expertise, hard work and commitment that the critical national infrastructure in many countries is well protected and secure, including Government buildings, nuclear power plants, ports and prisons. 

Last Monday, our dedicated employees were performing their duties as usual when the US Consulate in Peshwar was bombed. 

Six of our employees were injured, two critically, as a result of the bombing. Local and country management were on the scene as soon as feasibly possible to provide support and assistance to the employees and their families.

G4S is justifiably proud of the work our employees undertake every day, and more so in situations such as this. Our thoughts are with our employees and their families for a speedy and full recovery.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our G4S employees working in similarly challenging environments for their hard work and commitment to building safer and more secure societies.

Debbie McGrath

Group Communications Director