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Heroic Action by Veiko Vaiksoo Prevents Potential Tragedy

Alarm monitoring

A quick-thinking G4S Estonia security guard named Veiko Vaiksoo saved the lives of a two-year-old child and his father last week after responding to a fire alarm at their apartment. The incident highlights the critical role security professionals can play in safeguarding communities and preventing potential tragedies.

Responding to the Call

At approximately 10:00 pm, a fire alarm was triggered by a smoke and carbon monoxide detector in an apartment building in Valga. Despite repeated attempts, the G4S control centre was unable to reach the apartment resident, listed as the primary contact. While the the alarm was initially dismissed by the contact, the control centre, concerned about the safety of a two-year-old child reported to be at home, dispatched Mr. Vaiksoo to investigate.

Taking Decisive Action

Upon arrival, Mr. Vaiksoo found the apartment door locked. With the help of neighbours, he gained access and was immediately met with thick smoke billowing from the apartment. With appropriate security training, he entered the smoke-filled unit, guided by the continuous sensor signal.

Heroic Rescue

Inside, Mr. Vaiksoo discovered a man and a two-year-old child fast asleep in the same room. He quickly roused the man and, together, they carried the child to safety outside the apartment. Mr. Vaiksoo then returned to the apartment and identified the source of the smoke – a pan of burnt food left unattended on the stove. He promptly turned off the stove and removed the pan, preventing further fire risk.

Ensuring Medical Attention

After ventilating the smoke-filled apartment, Mr. Vaiksoo awaited the arrival of emergency services. Due to the potential carbon monoxide exposure, both the child and the man were transported to the hospital for observation and treatment.

Recognising a Hero

Mr. Vaiksoo's swift and decisive actions prevented a potentially tragic outcome. His courage, professionalism, and commitment to public safety are commendable examples of the invaluable role G4S security guards play in our communities.
G4S is proud to have security professionals like Mr. Vaiksoo on our team. His dedication to service and his willingness to go above and beyond in the face of danger are truly inspiring.

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