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Professional Security Guarding Services | G4S Global

We have an extensive network of security guard professionals that can help support and protect our local communities and customers across the world. We provide various types of security personnel for your business. Our customers have the flexibility to select the right type of guard for your specific security and customer-service requirements. 

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Our Security Guarding Services

A G4S officer and a car

Mobile Guarding Services

Our mobile security guard professionals operate from strategic locations to provide customers with scheduled inspections, mobile security patrols and/or immediate response should a security incident occur.

 A G4S employee at NHS Nightingale distributing patches

On-site Guarding Services

Our on-site security professionals are a vital extension to a customer's workforce. They operate proactively to protect people, property and assets and can provide front of house services.

G4S officer with a handheld device

Response Guarding Services

Our response security guard professionals are dispatched by our Security and Risk Operations Centres (SROCs) to customer sites to verify alarms and perform inspections. They operate from strategic hubs so that they can reach a customer within the shortest possible time frame, should a security issue occur.

G4S security guard in UAE

Specialised Guarding Services

Our specialised security personnel, by virtue of higher levels of training or qualifications, provide our customers with additional layers of security and action more complex tasks. This varies from a variety of different sectors, small or large scale events, canine services and security operators or analysts. 

Additional Security Services

G4S also provides security systems and services, as well as risk management security services. Visit our other services pages for more details. 

Why partner with G4S for Security Guarding Services?

We operate with transparency and use a coordinated approach to serve our customers with end-to-end, flexible, and scalable security guarding solutions. The vulnerable hours where your business is closed, requires the attention of a professional security presence. We provide a range of guarding services available 24/7/365, ensuring the continued safety of your people and property. 

Individualised Support
Our customer service model is based around individual customer support. Our customer service is integral in our day-to-day operations, in whatever capacity our customers may need our support. For more than 100 years, our strength as a company has been our dedication to building strong customer relationships and we have continued to foster these partnerships.
Geographical Reach
Each of our offices is locally and independently managed, with the added benefits of the resources of a global organisation. Our local management is tied to the community, builds lasting relationships with their customers, and is built with professionals that have devoted their careers to the provision of quality security services.
Our size and scale allow us to bring our customers benefits that smaller providers may not. We are able to push the industry forward with innovative technologies and a flexible emergency response offering.